Below is a list of some of the services that Crescent Research can provide, however, this is not exhaustive.  Many of our services can be used for fraud prevention, protecting assets at all costs.  Please contact us directly if you require a service which is not detailed.  Crescent Research has no minimum or maximum volume requirements or minimum spend criteria.  We can assist you with one single case or undertake research into several hundred or thousands of cases as a bulk tracing project.

Crescent Research is a friendly, approachable and reliable company.  We welcome inquiries from individuals as well as Pension Funds, Charities, Corporate/Financial/Insurance companies and Solicitors/Private Client Practitioners.  We ensure our work is undertaken with care, compassion and empathy and fully understand that some family situations can be extremely complex and dealing with these cases sensitively is always at the forefront of our research.

Obtain Vital Records and other Evidentiary Documents

Crescent Research can obtain copies of Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates, Wills and Grants of Probate/Letters of Administration/Confirmations from the UK and internationally (availability varies country to country).

Divorce Searches

If proof of divorce is required, searches can be undertaken for a 10 year time period to identify if a Decree Absolute has been issued and, if issued, copy documentation can be obtained.

Bankruptcy Searches

UK and International bankruptcy searches can be undertaken prior to the distribution of an Estate in order to comply with Anti-Money Laundering guidance.

Data Cleansing and Appending

We can screen and cleanse your data through automated processes.  We can append missing data such as forenames, dates of birth and telephone numbers and if an individual is marked as gone-away, a forwarding address, if available through automation, can be provided.

Intestate Estates

Our expertise lie in the identification, location and verification of the legal beneficiaries/living relatives of an intestate estate.  This service includes the provision of verification documentation and a family tree.  An Entitlement breakdown can be provided.

Missing Beneficiaries/Executors (Desktop Forensic Tracing)

If you are administering an Estate and cannot locate a named beneficiary or Executor, Crescent Research can assist in tracing them to a new address.  This service is cost effective and time efficient.

Missing Beneficiary Insurance

If an identified beneficiary cannot be located to an up to date address, Crescent Research can introduce you to a provider of missing beneficiary indemnity insurance as required.

Lost Pension/Policy Holders

Trace and verify lost pension/policy holders so that contact can be re-established.  If we ascertain that the pension/policy holder has passed away, we can obtain the necessary documentary evidence and identify, trace and verify the next of kin/legally entitled beneficiaries.

Locate long-lost family/friends

Have you lost touch with childhood friends, work colleagues or family, Crescent Research can help you re-establish contact and become re-acquainted.

Mortality Screening

Screening your data for mortality purposes has the potential to save a pension fund thousands of pounds and can assist charities with substantial cost savings as you won’t be sending mail-outs to individuals who have passed away.

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