Have we contacted you?

You may have received a letter, email, telephone message, text or social media message from Crescent Research

We are trying to contact you on behalf of one of our clients for one of the following scenarios:

1.  You may have a policy or pension and our client doesn’t hold an up to date address for you.

2.  You may be the next of kin of an individual who has held a policy or pension with our client, but that individual is now sadly deceased.

3.  You may have been named as a beneficiary in a Will but the address, if detailed in the Will, is out of date and the Solicitor dealing with the Estate requires up to date contact details.

4.  A Solicitor is dealing with an Intestacy case and Crescent Research has been commissioned to identify all living relatives of the deceased so that the Estate can be distributed correctly.

5.  A long-lost family member or friend might have asked Crescent Research to trace you so they can re-establish contact.

Crescent Research will never ask for your bank details or require any type of payment from the individuals they are tracing on behalf of their clients.

Magnifying glass searching for people